XLinden L-System Parser

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What is XLinden?

XLinden is made for creating and viewing 3D Lsystems under both Win32 and Linux. It includes an Editor, an Interpreter and an OpenGL viewer. Unique about XLinden is its ability to interpret Lsystems interactivly in realtime.  Theres also a bash version for Windows & Linux available.

Windows ver0.5

Linux ver0.4 Editor, Povray Editor, Color Editor, OpenGLOutput& PovrayImage


Povray Images createt with XLindenConsole

more Screenshots & Gallerie

XLinden (GUI)
  • OperatingSystem: Windows/Linux
  • 3D Interpreter for contextsensitive & stochastic & parametric lsystems
  • OpenGL, PovRay and Text Output
  • Realtime OpenGL & Text (Linux only)

  • XLinden for Console (win&linux)
  • 3D Interpreter for contextsensitive & stochastic & parametric lsystems
  • Povray Output
  • News
    12.6.05 XLinden with GUI for Windows, Project finished
    26.5.03 LSystemparser for linux& windows bash
    3.12.02 XLinden version 0.4 released
    5.11.02 XLinden version 0.3 released
    27.10.02 XLinden HP
    10.10.02 first version of Xlinden 0.2

    XLinden ver0.6 for Windows XLinden.exe

    download XLindenConsole for the bash. Linux(XLindenCLinux-0.5.tar.gz) & Windows( XLindenCWin-0.5.rar)

    XLinden needs OpenGL, glut, Povray, xv and the qt Libs.

    download XLinden ver0.4 linux i386 bin. XLinden-0.4.tar.gz

    download XLinden ver0.3 linux i386 bin. XLinden-0.3.tar.gz

    download XLinden ver0.2 linux i386 bin. XLinden-0.2.tar.gz

    any feedback to: peterhansdr-hendel.de

    german only XLinden Syntax

  • P. Prusinkiewicz, A. Lindenmayer, The algorithmic beauty of plants XLinden ist nach diesem Buch programmiert. Leider ist das Buch Vergriffen aber unter http://www.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/Research/bmv/papers/ stehen Papers von Dr. P. Prusinkiewicz zum download die in Teilen dem Buch ähneln.
  • L-System-4 LSystemparser & ein Tutorial.
  • LParser Ausgzeichneter LSystemParser mit Source leider nur für Dos, sehr schöne Bilder & eine ausführlich Linkliste zu LSystemen

  • Questions and Comments to Peterhans Hendel, peterhansdr-hendel.de
    last update 12/04/09