17.Dec Here it is, a prepreAlpha demo of the zugspiel engine for windows. I can't figure out why it is so slow, it runs about 50 times slower then the Linux build. If someone can help with it, plase contact me (chochmah_AT_gmx_net). .zugspiel-prealpha.zip
-'x' pauses the game (the game starts in paused mode)
-'1'-'4' zoomlevels
-'ESC' exits (with segfault)
-if you want to see how the pathfinding is done, press 'o'
you can redirect trains by pressing 'z', selecting a train by clicking on the engine, press 'z' again, press 'u' and then click on a title with a signal or one of the trainstationbuildings (the halls) (if it worked you should see a cyan line marking the train destinationtable)
-on the bottom left corner of the map you see a red dot. thats a train in a "depot". Start the game in paused mode. press 'z' and select the red dot, press 'z' again, press 'u' and select first a signal close to the train and then a trainstation, then press 'x'
-to build tracks press 't', right mousebutton changes tracktype.
-'e' deletes tracks
If you press any other key... nobody knows what will happen. (Probably segfault)
16.Dec please notice the SGI trees :)
7.Dec I have thrown out the gui... (its fun building trains with keyboard shortcuts). Zugspiel is on hold till the guys at TE (tt.sourceforge.net) have decidet if they want to continue their project.
24.Nov (Powerplant)
23.Nov I finaly managed to make "real" virtual Screenshots
(Big Train Station)
29.okt Screenshots:
zoomlevels 1->4:

nodenetwork & signalnetwork:

some trains:
27.okt Fixed Bugs with the train routefinding
23.okt Alpha Screenshot