01. Feb - source.tgz The Zugspiel Source. It compiles under Linux on both of my machines (Mandrake and Suse) To make it compile with win changes are needet. Required libs are: fltk toolkit and pthreads
Anyone who wants to participate is welcome but I'd advise you to take a good look at the existing source so far before you start working. The strange look of the code is due to the rather unusual history of development. At first I only wantet to support the "Transport Empire" Project ftom the www.tt-forums.net and did a Node-System for train-pathfinding. To debug it I had to have some sort of testing enviroment from what I thought it would never show up in the actual game. Since "Transport Empire" appeared to be death or at least on hold Zugspiel is now on its own and I'm planing to develop it to some playabel state during the next months.
Please Note that Zugspiel is still pre-alpha and not realy playable. The Unserinterface will change a lot and not stay that "keyboard-shortcut"-way.
28. Dec - zugspiel-prealpha-2.zip (windows)
17. Dec - zugspiel-prealpha.zip (windows)