18.May Some more Braxx models, a steam engine (a3?) and the eurostar. while the steamengine works fine (with seperate tender) the eurostar is a little long. That gives no tecnical problems but it looks strange when passing the tight curves or a transtation right after a turn. Not to mention the hunderts of signalposts that swinging carriages swept away.

18.May Braxx made this model of a dutch train. I had to change the lowest zoomlevel since the train is very detailed and you would not be able to see that on a transporttycoon like zoom. I'm currently trying to add trees to the landscape. What makes it complicatet is that I can't find any usefull tree images on the web, they should have a "translucent" color since I'm planing to use a square with the picture of a tree as treemodell. Real 3ds models have to many vertices. So if someone can refer me to a (copyrightfree) image I'd be thankfull

13.Apr I'm having problems with the ->clear() function of FLTK. It crashes and I can't figure out why. Till someone replys on my newsgroup help request I'll work on the signalsystem. The reaction of the signals to user actions like removing a signal or a track still needs improvement. The two screenshots show how the debugging screen looks like.
10.Apr Hi everyone, I'm back from my holidays, Everest was great. Today I changed the System Zugspiel handels the Trainmanagement from one thread per train to a central ticker that moves all trains. I hope this will work better, it is easier since I won't have to much thread-synching. I'm planing to finish a functional version of the Depot dialog tomorow and release a new pre-alpha a few days after that.
1.Mar I havent done much last month (apart from debugging and optimizing) and I probably won't be able to do much this month since I'm going to be three weeks in the Mt. Everest region. If I get around to it I'll try to release another windows build before I'm off to Nepal.
1.Feb Well, I said towards the end of the month so I'm a couple of hours late. You can find the Zugspiel source on the download page.
30.Jan New Webpage, but thats almost all that has improved. For the last two weeks I had to devote my insomnia-sparetime to the upcomming exams.
17.Jan Good Morning out there. Since 10:11 of this beautiful morning zugspiel has 3ds and texture support. (Textures need to be 24BIT BMPs, and the modells should be UVW mappend otherwise the textures wont show up)

I took the oilwells modell from the forums and convertet it to 3ds (thanks I hope you don't mind). It is not exactly aligned to the tiles yet, I'm so tired... :)

15.Jan I startet with the GUI, namly the Train-Orders window and the Depotwindow. The Screenshot is realy realy bad since it was taken with a digital cam from a TFT Display.
The Numbers behind the Trainstations in the Orderswindow indicate the TS-position on the map since there are no citys yet and therefor no real names for the stations. (a Bahnhof is a TrainStation in germany) The Vehicle-Symbols in the GUI are taken from TTD.
If someone knows a 3ds library that compiles with windoes and linux AND supports textures, or even a tutorial that does so I would be more then delightet to hear from you.
11.Jan A Screenshot of the zugspiel world in real 3d. The Cam is fallowing the trainengine you see in the bottom right corner. (Just for fun)
The trains now switch the signals behind them with the last car and not anymore with the engine.
6.Jan some news:
first, I implementet a real 3d view. Its 20m above the end of a train and points towars the engine. I can't supply screenshots since I'm working on my laptop again and have no digicam at hand.
second, I have startet with a major code clean up. It will still be messy afterwards but not anymore the total chaos it is now. I'm doing that cause I plan to OpenSource Zugspiel during this month. (more towards the end of the month and only if my studies leave me with enough time)
after opensourcing it with sourceforge other people may have a look at the code and decide if they want to join or contribute to zugspiel. Things that could be done without deeper knowledge of the zugspiel internals would be
-city development
-3DS animation
-Particle Engine for Steam Engines and chimneys
third, I added a HowTo section at the end of the page, hopefully it will grow during the next months.
29.Dec Some Terraintextures, a Steelmill and a lumbertrain.
28.Dec zugspiel-prealpha-2.zip
new zugspiel prealpha build with:
-factories deliver to TS in range
-TS accept goods
-trains can load and unload at TS
-textbubbels over trains on load/unload new path/no path to destination
-models for loadet/unloadet trains