"Zugspiel" is planed to be a free Transport Tycoon Clone with minimal Graphics but extendet gameplay.
you can find the latest (28.12.03) windows build here: zugspiel-prealpha-2.zip
you can contact me at zugspiel-at-ph2-net if you want to join me, any help is welcome
Other TT Clones include:
Simutrans Transport Unlimited Transport Master
You can find feature-wishlists in the Transport Master Forum.
If you want to coment on Zugspiel you can use the FORUM at tt-forums or the zugspiel forum you find under the link in the titlebar. There is also an IRC channel on quakenet #zugspiel.


todo for the next build
-real Depots (done)
-service Intervalls for trains
-support for textured 3ds modells (done)


Emre Meydan - The Tiletextures and the Oilwells-modell
Braxx - 3ds Modells of trains and carriages